The Bank Sale Expo -Sat, Feb 28,2015 - It's almost time.

The Bank Sale is one of the largest interactive platforms in the streetwear industry.  Since 2012, TBS has developed into a network of brands, buyers, sourcing resources, and the general public. They say that they are not a tradeshow and in now way are we trying to be. The Bank Sale is an authentic creative platform where brands are exposed to the public in a positive and creative fashion. Not only do the brands get to network with the public but the buyers can see first hand how the general consumer responds to the line. With what began as a passion for streetwear evolved into a movement to unite and help independent brands gain more exposure in the right marketplace. Their  first event showcased 30 brands at a small retail store in Fullerton, California and has now reached the Anaheim Convention Center in less than three years. TBS has and will continue to grow naturally while still staying true to the roots that made the event what it is today. The event  is here to stay and will continue to lead the way for anyone to set their mark in our growing industry.

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